3 Ways to Incognito Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are a great way to selectively listen to conversations. You can choose to participate when the topic is interesting, but you can also tune it out when you need a break. Although this can be beneficial there might be times when you want to keep your trusty accessory hidden, keep reading to learn the top three ways to disguise your listening device.

1. Invest in invisibility

If you are also visually impaired you need not worry, these are simply smaller versions of the hearing device you already know and love. Sitting deeper in the ear and taking up less space, invisible hearing aids offer the easiest method of concealment. Approximately the size of a fingertip, the invisible listening device will trick those around you into thinking you are accessory-free. Invisible hearing aids are designed for simple placement and are intended to be uncomplicated.

2. Let your hair down

Perhaps the most effortless option, hair can provide a natural shield over your ears. Many people have hair making this an option that will not stand out. If your days of long hair are over, you may want to give hair extensions a go; these can be put in daily by you or permanently secured by a hairdresser. Depending on your preference, you can also try a wig but be sure to select one with hair long enough to cover your ears.

3. Add on an accessory

For creative, fashion-forward folks, this is an affordable and straightforward option. Take a minute to study your device and consider what shapes and sizes are needed to tuck it away. Go shopping online to find a variety of embellishments, from earrings to glasses frames, designed to help cords go unnoticed. It might be fun to pick something designed with your specific needs in mind, but you can also cleverly select an accessory from a typical store. When cold weather hits, hats and earmuffs provide a wide range of easy options. For warmer months a scarf or light headband can be added on for a stylish solution. Bucket hats, fishing hats, and certain baseball caps can also offer coverage. Once you start looking, the list of options will keep growing. Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

Lucky for you, in today’s world, people are constantly sporting headsets, headphones, and other ear gadgets. So, if you can’t find an option you like or decide to no longer make the effort to hide your hearing aids, you will still fit in with everyone else. Fortunately, if you like keeping your listening device out of sight you have plenty of solutions to choose from. You can buy an invisible set, grow out your hair or slap on an accessory, and keep everyone wondering if and when you are going to listen.