How To Get The Holiday Spirit Like When You Were A Child

Subtle Ways To Show Holiday Spirit

If you’re like most guys, you have a pretty good idea of the styles that suit you for most of the year. You have your work ensembles, the clothes you wear for a night out and what you put on when you’re relaxing around the house. However, all of that is thrown to the winds when the holiday season rolls around. What do you do if you want to reflect the spirit of the festive events you attend without looking too gaudy or silly? The answers are not as overwhelming as you might fear.


It may seem self-evident, but the hues you wear can communicate a great deal. For the holidays, red and green are the shades of the hour. You can sport them in the color of your sweater, shirt or even your tie. Whatever you choose, the people around you will recognize that you are in a celebratory mood that is in keeping with the season.


You can still recognize the festive spirit of a holiday occasion without being gauche or loud when it comes to your clothing. Experiment with fun patterns such as tartan, a subtle floral, polka dots or paisley. You might even consider adding an accessory such as a matching silk scarf or a holiday-themed tie pin to accent your outfit.


Speaking of tartans, it’s always a good idea to have a well-cut, red and green or even blue and gray tartan shirt or bow tie in a bottom drawer of your desk or in your car just in case you suddenly remember that your presence is required at a holiday event. Just adding one of these items to your standard ensemble can infuse it with a festive yet subtle exuberance.


Silk scarves aren’t the only accessories you can use when showing off your yuletide cheer. Even the most subtle floral or holiday-themed lapel pin can get your point across without being “in your face.” If you’re wearing a tie, why not accent it with a whimsical tie pin? You can also glamorize with some classy-looking cufflinks and even a refined-looking watch.

As autumn draws to a close and many areas of the country hunker down for the long winter to come, it makes even more sense to spice things up just a bit with your holiday attire. When you acknowledge the specialness of the season, you can make whatever statement you want, from blaringly loud and tacky to subtle and refined. Whatever you do, just be sure it reflects the personal style and message that makes you feel happy and comfortable no matter where you are or how you’re celebrating the season.