Why You Should See an Eye Doctor

You may be wondering if you need to see an eye doctor Castle Rock. We mention some various situations to help you determine to know when you should indeed see an eye doctor.

1 Regular eye exam

It is truly vital for anyone to have a regular eye examination at least every two years. This is true even if you have good eyesight. There may be things happening with your eyes that you are not aware of that an eye doctor can detect. Your eye health is truly important, which is why you should have an eye examination.

2 When something is in your eye

If you have something that has somehow gotten in your eye, such as dirt, an object, chemicals or grit, you should see an eye doctor if using water or eye drops to flush your eyes have not worked. You should not prolong avoiding an eye doctor, as your condition could become worse. That is why you should see an eye doctor when you have not been able to resolve the issue by flushing out your eye yourself.

3 Pain in the eye

When you experience pain in your eye, you should contact your eye doctor. You do not know what is causing the pain. The eye doctor will be able to find out if the pain is caused by some kind of eye infection or if your eye is developing a more serious condition.. Then the eye doctor can take the appropriate steps to address your eye issues to help reduce the pain that you are experiencing in your eye.

4 Fatigue

Many people do spend a lot of time in front of their computers, which can certainly result in them experiencing fatigue in regard to their eyes. Also, if you have the flu or allergies, these situations can cause your eyes to sense fatigue and usually the fatigue will resolve itself by going away. However, if your eyes feel constantly fatigued, then it is wise to see an eye doctor.

5 Infection

When you have eyelids that are red, itchy or swollen, you may have an eye infection. Or if you happen to notice that the white area of your eyes looks like it is discolored or pink, then you could be experiencing an eye infection. Moreover, if there is the presence of a discharge from your eyes, this is a strong sign that your eyes have some kind of infection. In these types of scenarios, it is wise to see an eye doctor in order to get your eye infection cleared up as quickly as possible.